Obama, Merkel Tread Lightly To Keep Lines To Putin Open – Nasdaq.com

And I appreciate those words, but they have to be supported by actions.” Mr. Obama’s United Nations ambassador, Samantha Power, on the same day was more pointed in criticizing Mr. Putin for failing to do more to change the behavior of Russian separatists at the crash scene. The careful calibration by Ms. Merkel and Mr. Obama serves several purposes.
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/obama-merkel-tread-lightly-to-keep-lines-to-putin-open-20140723-00019

Malaysia Airlines: Kerry lashes out at Russia – CNN.com

Press Secretary Josh Earnest yesterday defended the presidents decision to spend three days fundraising in the midst of several international crises and pushed back against criticism that it sends the wrong message. The President, like most professionals, has the capability to deal with more than one priority at a time, and particularly, somebody who has the trappings of the presidency alongside him, he said.Hes got his own airplane.Hes got dedicated phone lines. He has senior advisors who will be accompanying him every step of the way to make sure that he has access to the information and technology necessary to represent American interests in the midst of these challenging international times. THE WHITE HOUSE HAS ALREADY SHIFTED PLANS: The president considered taping an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE while in L.A., but the White House decided it was not the right time in part related to the challenges of doing a comedy show in the midst of some of these other more serious matters that the President is dealing with in the international scene, Earnest said. WHATS IN A NAME? Say goodbye to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and hello to the NRSC. The committee is ditching its formal name, ABCs JEFF ZELENY reports, and will soon be known simply by its initials.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2014/07/obama-cashes-in-out-west-the-note/

Obama to attend fundraiser at the home of ‘Scandal’ creator Shonda Rhimes | 89.3 KPCC

“Since Scandal has become a hit with a black female lead, then that creates this domino effect in the industry,” said Ana-Christina Ramon, a professor and co-author of a UCLA study on minorities in film and television. “It’s the effect of Shonda Rhimes.” Scandal isnt the only Rhimes show that incorporates politics into its storyline. Arecent episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” dealt with Obamacare. Rhimesis also a player in the real world of politics.She has donated nearly $60,000 to Democratsin recent years. Democraticfundraisers are hoping the “Rhimes effect” will extend to politics.
Source: http://www.scpr.org/news/2014/07/22/45512/obama-to-attend-fundraiser-at-the-home-of-scandal/

Obama sends top aides to Germany amid spying flap – Yahoo News

The fresh strains in the U.S.-German relationship come as the United States is seeking to project a united front with Europe in pressing Russia to stop fomenting unrest in Ukraine. The reluctance of Germany and other nations to impose tougher sanctions that could ricochet on their own economies has created a diplomatic split. The U.S. is also working with Germany and other world powers to seek a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran. White House spokesman Josh Earnest wouldn’t say whether Obama’s aides brought any answers or specific information to Berlin to try to pacify the concerns of the counterparts. He downplayed the notion that the “strategic dialogue” marked a new channel in U.S.-German discussions, arguing that security cooperation between the two NATO allies remains close.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-sends-top-aides-germany-amid-spying-flap-165804407–politics.html

Obama Cashes In Out West – ABC News

People pay tribute to the victims outside the Dutch Embassy in Kiev on July 17. World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash World reacts to MH17 crash HIDE CAPTION >> Photos: Reaction to MH17 Government emergency workers prevented vehicles from driving up the road to the main crash site, but people could still roam the fields on foot. Search teams have recovered 272 bodies, 251 of which have been loaded on trains with refrigerators, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Monday. Ukraine has sent two trains with four cars but the “bloody guerrillas” will not allow read here them, he said. Ukraine is ready to transfer the international investigation over to Dutch team, he said, adding that the bodies will be sent to Amsterdam when they are released.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/21/world/europe/ukraine-malaysia-airlines-crash/index.html


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